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We are looking for like-minded people who are concerned about the loss of our heritage buildings and preservation of our local heritage, or are interested in educating the public about our area history. If you would like to get involved, You may want to consider becoming a member (see below), volunteering your talents or making a donation.

Our new brochure includes a membership application form as well as some descriptions of volunteer roles and more.
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The best way to support PoCo Heritage is by becoming a member. In addition to supporting Heritage initiatives and programs in our community you will also receive the following benefits;

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Volunteer with PoCo Heritage

Volunteer your special talents, skills and time on our Public Relations, Special Projects, Membership, Special Events and Fundraising Committees. We also have a special need for people to help with our digital archiving project.

Why Volunteeer with PoCo Heritage?

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Volunteers - by Julie Schmidt

Volunteers, you gotta love ‘em
They help in so many ways
Volunteers, you got to love them
Challenges do not faze
Without them all where would we be?
Without a museum actually
Since Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Eight
A vision appeared that wouldn’t abate
Our founding members stood their ground
A museum space must be found
Progress was slow but on they pressed
Encouraging each other, don’t get depressed
When Fire Hall #2 presented a storage key
1997 was celebrated as a breakthrough victory
Temperature and humidity controlled it was not
And 19 years later some things have started to rot
Only two years later in 1999
Mary Hill storefront was looking fine
Long and lean, an awkward space
But hey, at least we had a place
With an Archive in Leigh Square we were finally blessed
But we still pressed on, there was no rest
On raising funds, we were keen
We must push on to get our dream
And got it we did three years ago in our 25th year
It may not have been fast, maybe even slow, but one things very clear
Volunteers don’t give up, they carry on , they persevere
We appreciate them one and all and hold them very dear
For all their work, blood sweat and tears
Let’s hear three cheers for our volunteers

Thank you all
For all you do
We’d be nothing
Without you

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