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An encyclopedia of Port Coquitlam's Historic people and places


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Historical Book Listing

Members can sign out books if they wish. Non-members can also view books but they must remain on premises.TitleAuthor"100 Women of BC Women`s Institute""100 Years of Fun"Beverly Cramp"A Campfire Girl`s First Council Fire"Jane L Stewart"A History of Coquitlam & Fraser Mills"H.A.J. Monk & John Stewart"A New Westminster Album"Gavin Hainsworth & Katherine Freud-Hainsworth"A Royal View"Michael Duncan"A Vancouver Boyhood"Robin Williams"Aboriginal BC"Cheryl Coull"Aerial Gunnery""Agassiz"Jack Freeman"Airplanes From The Dawn of Flight To The Present Day"Enzo Angelucci"All Our Yesterdays"Edward Williams"Atlas of British Columbia"A.L Farley"Bacon, Beans,n Brave Hearts"Russell R Walker"BC & History"Margaret A Ormsby"BC Biographical Vol IV"The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company"BC Challenge in Abudance"Herbert L McDonald"BC Discoery Guide Collection"Magazines"BC Ghost Town Atlas"Garnet Basque"BC Historical News Vol 37 #3"John Atkins"BC Historical News Vol 37 #4"John Atkins"BC History Vol 38 #2"John Atkins"BC History Vol 38 #3"John Atkins"BC Murders"Susan McNicoll"BC Outlaws"F.W. Lindsay"BC Prehistory"Knut R Fladmark"BC Provincial Police Stories Vol 2"Cecil Clark"BC Provincial Police Stories Vol 2"Cecil Clark"BC Provincial Police Stories Vol 3"John Moutray"BC Story with Pictures""BC The Pioneer Years"T.W. Paterson"BC Yukon Sternwheel Days"Art Downs"BC, Its History, People, Commerce, Industries "Henry J Boam"Between Forest & Sea"Colleen MacDonald, Diana Drake, John Doerksen"Birds"Philip A Meyer"Breaking News"Fred Thurkell & Bob Scullion"Britannia The Story of a Mine"Bruce Ramsey"British Columbia, A Natural History""Bronc Busters & Hay Sloops"Ken Mather"Burke and Widgeon – A Hiker’s Guide""Burnaby A Proud Century"Pixie McGeachie"Burnaby A Proud Century"Pixie McGeachie"Burnaby Inlet"Doreen Armitage"Canada Netherlands""Canada The Images of Our Heritage"Patricia Pierce"Canada West"N.L. Barlee"Canada`s Triumph & Tragedy On The Fields Of Flanders"Norman Leach"Canadian Constitution"W.P.M. Kennedy"Canadian At Wars"Jim Lotz"Canadian Book of The Road"Canadian Automobile Association"Canadian Family Tree""Canadian Patriotic Fund"Philip H Morris"Canadian Railroads"Bernard Fitzsimons"Canadian Railway Scenes"Adolf Hungry Wolf"Canadian Speller Grade 2 (3 copies)"Frank M Quance"Cariboo Chilcotin"Irene Stangoe"Cariboo Yarns"F.W. Lindsay"Chasing"Patricia Koretchuk"Chuck Davis History of Metropolitan Vancouver"Chuck Davis"City of Port Coquitlam"Consulting Engineers"City of Port Coquitlam Park & Rec"Binder"Constitutional Documents of Canada"William Houston"Coquitlam 100 years"Ted Staunton"Coquitlam Then & Now"Government of Canada"Country Roads"Liz & Jack Bryan"Disaster on Mount Slesse"Betty O`Keefe & Ian MacDonald"Downtown Street Beautification Plan"Urban System Ltd"Dreams of Freedom Bella Coola"Gordon Fish"Drugstore Cowgirl"Patricia Joy MacKay"Early Washington Atlas"Ralph N Preston"Fish & Ships"Ralph W Andrews"Floating School & Frozen Inkwell"John Adams & Becky Thomas"Floodland & Forest"Imbert Orchard"Forest & Fjord: The History of Belcarra"Ralph Drew"Fort Langley"Charles Lillard"Frank Gowen`s Vancouver 1914-1931"Fred Thirkell & Bob Scullion"Frontier Days In BC"Garnet Basque"Gastown`s Gassy Jack"Raymond Hull & Olga Ruskin"Geological Survey of Canada"J.A. Roddick"Geology of British Columbia""Ghost Towns""Ghosts The Great Way" "Gold Creeks & Ghost Towns"N.L.Barlee"Great Trains of North America"P.B. Whitehouse"Green Branches & Fallen Leaves"A.L.B. Gibson"Heritage of Canada"Hugh Dumford"Heritage of Canada"Hugh Dumford"Historic Shipwrekcs "Underwater Archaeological Society of BC"Historical Atlas of Vancouver & the Lower Fraser Valley"Derek Hayes"History of Harrison (Hot Springs & Port Douglas)"Belle Randall"History of The Elks of Canada""History of the Kamloops Region & Southern Cariboo"James Bowman"I Carried A Key"Agnes MacKinnon"Image of America"Library of Congress"Image Please"Dennis J Duffy"Images & Voices of Lighthouse Country"Rita Levitz & Leah Willott"Indian Art & Culture"Della Kew & P.E. Goddarde"It Began With A Ronald"Alex Matches"Its God`s Country"F.E. Runnalls"Jewel of the Kootenays"Larry Jacobsen"Journey To Caribou Land"Martin Cole"Journeys To The Far West"Edward Cavell"Kettle Valley Railway "Gerry Doeksen"Kinsey Photographer"Dr Kinsey Photog"La Constitution Canadienne 1981""Land of Dreams A History in Photographs of the BC Interior"Meredith Bain Woodward"Leaning Into The Wind"Larry Jacobsen"Light On The Water"Keith McLaren"Lighting Methods For Photographing Museum Objects"Carl Bigras, Mylene Choquette, and Jeremy Powell"Local History in BC"Maureen Cassidy"Local History in BC"Maureen Cassidy"Local History in Prince George"Garvin Moles"Love At First Sight"Bertha Washington Walker"Mail Through 5,000 Years""Maillardville"Antonio G Pare"Make History (3 copies)"Friesen Printers"Man Along The Shore (2 copies)"Ben Swankey"Man Turned To Stone"Stolo Nations and The Reach Gallery Museum"Maple Ridge A History of Settlement"Sheila Nichols"Maple Ridge A History of Settlement"Sheila Nichols"Maple Ridge Moments In Time"Chris Campbell, Lynn Easton & Alan Woodland"Mary Hill Project""Mary Hill Study"Urban Prgramme Planners"McCulloch`s Wonder"Barrie Sanford"Miller`s Intgernational Antiques"Judith and Martin Miller"Moden Pioneers"BC Women`s Institute"Mountain Memories"Norma K Campbell"Music Boxes"Gilbert Bahl"My Memoirs of Maillardville"Antonio G Pare"Natures Fury""Never Fly Over"Joe Garner"New Westminster The Early Years 1858-1898"Alan Woodland"New Westminster The Royal City"Barry Mather"One Man`s Gold Rush"Murray Morgan"Opening Doors"Daphne Marlatt & Carole Itter"Outlaws & Lawmen of Western Canada"A Frontier Book"Pacific Pilgrims"Lyndon Grove"Pacific Tugboats""Paddlewheels On The Frontier (volume 1)"Art Downs"Passenger Vehicles"B.H. Vanderveen"Perry Across The Harbor"Capt James Barr"Peters Clock Book"Peter & Doris Unitt"Philip Timms Vancouver 1900-1910"Fred Thurkell & Bob Scullion"Photography""Photography"Frederick J Cox"Pioneer Buildings of BC"Rudi Dangelmaier"Pioneer Days in BC"Art Downs"Pioneer Days in BC"Art Downs"Pioneer Days of Nakusp & The Arrow Lakes"Kate Johnson"Pioneer Sounds"Patricia Godwin"Pioneer Years"Barry Broadfoots"Places Remembered Greater Vanc, New West & The Fraser Valley"Fred Thurkell & Bob Scullion"Pocomo 1994-95 Full Colour""Port Coquitlam Bowladrome 60 Years of History"Brian & Rhonda Madaski"Port Coquitlam City of Rivers & Mountains"The Corporation of the City of Port Coquitlam"Port Coquitlam City of Rivers & Mountains""Port Coquitlam Heritage Resource Inventory""Port Moody"D.M. Norton"Preserving Amercas Past"National Geographic Society"Queen Charlotte Islands""Raincoast Chronicles""Remember Yesterday"The Canadian Centennial Library"Richmond Child of the Fraser"Leslie J. Ross"Riverview Hospital"BC Mental Health and Addiction Services"Riverview Lands"Val Adolph"Roadside Geology of Southern British Columbia""Sacrfed Places"Barry Downs"Salmo Stories"Larry Jacobsen"Saltwater Women at Work"Vickie Jensen"Scattered Leaves"Blanche Pearsall"Scattered Leaves"Blanche Pearsall"Similkameen"N.L. Barlee"Skookum Tugs"Robb Douglas"Slumachs Gold"Art dDowns"Slumachs Gold"Rick Antonson/Mary Trainer/Brian Antonson"Spelling For The Grade""Stanley Park`s Secret"Jean Barman"Statues of BC 1898""Statutes"The Govt of BC"Statutes of the BC""Steveston Recollected"Daphne Marlatt"Stewart"Ozzie Hutchings"Strathcona Vanc`s First Neighbourhood"John Atkins"Surficial Geology of New Westminster"J.E. Armstrong"Surrey Story"G. Fern Treleaven"Surrey Story"G Fern Treleaven"Tales of Fraser Canyon"Don Waite"Tall Tales of BC"Michael Taft"Terry"Douglas Coupland"The Canadian Global Almanac"John Robert Colombo"The Cariboo Story"F.W. Lindsay"The Charter of Rights & Freedom""The Essential Guide To Collectibles"Allistair McAlpine & Cathy Giangrande"The Eternal Forest"George Godwn"The Eternal Forest"George Godwin"The Evaluation of Historic Building"Harold Kalman"The First Hundred Years""The First People"Lee R Updike & R.D. Symons"The First World War"Gary Sheffield"The First World War"Gene Farmer"The Fraser River"Alan Haig Brown"The Fraser River"Simon Fraser"The Fraser River"Alan Haig Brown"The Girl`s Own Annual"Flora Klickmann"The Gold Rush Trail Guide"Magazine"The Gold Stripe"Albert Uden"The Good Company An Affectionate History"Tom Henry"The Great Fire 1898"Archie Miller & Dale Kerr"The Holy Bible in Pitman`s Shorthand""The Kids Book of Canada At War"Elizabeth MacLeod & John Mantha"The New We Come and Go"William S Gray, A Sterl Artley"The Ogillvie Cook Book""The Original Inhabitants of The Port Moody"Alan D McMillan"The Overwaitea Story"BC`s Very Own Food People"The Pacific Empresses"Robert D Turner"The Pacific National Exhibition"David Breen & Kenneth Coates"The Pacific Northwest"Stewart Holbrook"The Pacific Princesses"Robert D Turner"The Princess Story"Norman Hacking & W Kaye Lamb"The Royal Hudson"G.David Hall"The Royal Wedding Gifts"St James`s Palace"The Story Of The Kettle Valley Railway"Barrie Sanford"The Strengh of the Hills"Nancy Graff"The Surrey Story"Fern Treleaven"The Twilight of Steam Locomotives"Ron Ziel"The Victoria & Sidney Railway 1892-1919"Darryl E Muralt"The World of American Indian"Jules B Billard"Through Lions Gate"Anne Broadfoot"Through Lions Gatge"Anne Broadfoot"Times To remember (A Canadian Photo Album)"Knowlton Nash"Top Dog"Chuck Davis"Town Halls of Canada"Margaret Carter"Tracks in Time - Port Moody`s First 100 years"Port Moody Heritage Society"Trains"Vittorio Enero"Trans Canada Trail"Gerry L`Orange"Traveling The Trans Canada"William Howarth"Treasures In Your Home"Reader`s Digest"Tynehead Memories"Tom Bothwell"Vanc The Forties & Fifties"Anne Kloppenborg"Vanc The Way It Was"Michael Kluckner"Vancouver"Chuck Davis and Shirley Mooney"Vancouver - A Visual History"Bruce Macdonald"Vancouver A History In Photographs"Aynsley Vogel & Dana Wyse"Vancouver Book"Chuck Davis"Vancouver Calling"Ted Czolowski"Vancouver Centennial Legacy"Ted & Stan Czolowski"Vancouver Island Portrait Of A Past"Rodger Touchie"Vancouver Islands West Coast 1762-1962"George Nicholson"Vancouver Journal"Whitecap Books"Vancouver Then & Now"Roland Morgan"Vancouver`s Old Streams"Sharon J Proctor"Vancouver`s Old Time Scoundrels"Jill Foran"Vancouver`s Past"Raymond Hull, Gordon Soules"Vancouver`s Past"Raymond Hull/Gordon Soules/Christine Soules"Vancouver, City on the Edge""Vimy Ridge"Nigel Ridge"Wagon Road North"Art Downs"Wagon Road North"Art Downs"Wait Until Daylight""Waite`s Aerial Photography"Donald E Waite"Walhcachin Birth of Legend"Larry Jacobsen"We Come and Go"William S Gray"We Look And See"William S Gray"We Work And Play"William S Gray"Welcome Flanders Fields"Daniel G Dancocks"Where Trails Meet""Why"Don N Brown"Winners & Losers"Michael Breuer"Woodlands"Val Adolph"Your Worship, Members of Council"The Municipal History Society

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