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An encyclopedia of Port Coquitlam's Historic people and places


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Featured Virtual Displays

As Canada celebrates 150 years as a country, we look at the changing face of Port Coquitlam. Where did we come from? How did we get here? How do we keep in touch? VIEW

The 2016 display for our Natural History Exhibit looks at the impact of local population growth on our wildlife and their ecosystems. VIEW

PoCo Stories is a selection of panels that reflect the changing face of Port Coquitlam. They are divided into the areas of BUILDINGS, ARTS AND CULTURE, EVENTS and PEOPLE

The inaugural display for our new Natural History Exhibit focuses on local impacts of the last Ice Age using a variety of hands on and multimedia displays. VIEW

A look at Port Coquitlam's evolving \"Main Street\" with a focus on the iconic Pop's Cafe. VIEW

2014 marked the 100th anniversary of the start of World War One in Europe. We follow a well-known father and son from PoCo on their journey to the Western Front and back. VIEW

We are surrounded by rivers in Port Coquitlam. This exhibit takes a look at some of the unique local stories and characters related to our rivers. VIEW

This is the story of Port Coquitlam's founding and these stories formed the backbone of our initial display at the opening of Heritage at Leigh Square.VIEW

A series of 20 panels highlighting key historical events in Port Coquitlam and area. The actual panels are displayed along the Coquitlam River between Lions and Gates Park.VIEW

Virtual Displays / Articles - ALL

[PDF] PoCo Heritage 2016 Annual Report

PoCo Pop Quiz

[PDF] Sarah and Michael Explore Port Coquitlam

[PDF] Discover Nature in the Tri-Cities


100 Years Since WW1

[PDF] Westminster Junction to the Western Front

[PDF] Port Coquitlam Before the War

[PDF] Social Media, Circa 1914

[PDF] Journey to the Western Front

[PDF] Father and Son, Side by Side

[PDF] Canadian Railway Troops

[PDF] Progression of Battle

[PDF] Tom Routley Gets a Military Medal

[PDF] Thomas and Harold

[PDF] The Last Post

Arts and Culture

The PoCo Heritage Story

Peter Carter-Page and The Wild Duck Inn

Car Show

[PDF] Unforgettable, A Story of a Special Car by James Peters

First Nations

The Story of the Sto:lo People

Heritage Afloat

[PDF] Eve Forrest - Breaking New Ground

[PDF] Douglas Island - A Natural and Historical Treasure

[PDF] Powering Essondale - Barging Coal Up the Coquitlam

[PDF] Ken Mackenzie - A River is a River

[PDF] Captain Benneck - The Ferryman of Pitt Lake

Historical Continuum


Natural History

Natural History and First Nations

1800 to 1860

The Founding Years 1861 to 1884

The Founding Years 1885 to 1890

The Founding Years 1891 to 1899

The Founding Years 1900 to 1905

The Founding Years 1906 to 1911

The Founding Years 1912 to 1913

The War Years 1914 to 1918

The War Years 1919 to 1928

The War Years 1929 to 1945

The Post War Boom 1946 to 1960

The Expansion Years 1961 to 1969

The Expansion Years 1970 to 1979

The Expansion Years 1980 to 1990

The Expansion Years 1991 to 1999

The New Millennium 2000 to 2008


Hometown Heroes

Hometown Hero

Blazing a Trail For All To Enjoy

Rowland and Gates, Champions of Lacrosse

Journeys and Connections

[PDF] Journeys and Connections - Intro

[PDF] Journeys and Connections - Demographics

[PDF] Journeys and Connections - Transportation

[PDF] Journeys and Connections - Language, and other Barriers

[PDF] Journeys and Connections - Communications

Journeys (Quiz)

Main Street PoCo

Main Street PoCo

Pops "Good Eats" Cafe

Pops "Good Eats" Cafe (contd)

Moving Main Street (By Acts of God and Man)

Natural History

[PDF] Our Community at Work - Burke Mountain Naturalists

The Great Circle of Life

Natural History - (un)Natural Selection

[PDF] Unnatural Selection

[PDF] Ecosystems

[PDF] Food Webs

[PDF] Natural vs. Artifical Selection

[PDF] Local Impacts

[PDF] Conflict vs. Co-existence

[PDF] A Helping Hand

[PDF] Animal Stories

Who Am I?

Natural History - Ice Age

[PDF] Ice Age, The Big Picture

[PDF] Ice Age, Looking for Clues

[PDF] Coming Soon, A New Ice Age?

[PDF] Vancouver, Watch for Icebergs

[PDF] How to Grow a Glacier

[PDF] Ground on the Rebound

[PDF] Pirates of the Fraser

Changing Coastlines

Changing Coastlines - Pitt River Valley (video)

The Ice Age Challenge

Natures Fury

Nature`s Fury

PoCo Stories - Arts

[PDF] Arts and Culture - Adrian Walker

[PDF] Arts and Culture - J. Alexine Law

[PDF] Arts and Culture - The Bird and The Lion

[PDF] Arts and Culture - Coastal Sound Music Academy

[PDF] Arts and Culture - Colin Craig

[PDF] Arts and Culture - Gerry Thompson

[PDF] Arts and Culture - Graham Myers

[PDF] Arts and Culture - Nikki Hillman

[PDF] Arts and Culture - Steve Sainas

[PDF] Arts and Culture - Thelka Wright

[PDF] Arts and Culture - Tom Argue

[PDF] Arts and Culture - Vita Artes Performance Academy

PoCo Stories - Buildings

[PDF] Catholic Churches: The Changing Face of Port Coquitlam

[PDF] City Hall: The Changing Face of Port Coquitlam

[PDF] The George Black Home: The Changing Face of Port Coquitlam

[PDF] Hotels: The Changing Face of Port Coquitlam

[PDF] ISE: The Changing Face of Port Coquitlam

[PDF] Metro Ford: The Changing Face of Port Coquitlam

[PDF] Multi Family Housing: The Changing Face of Port Coquitlam

[PDF] Overwaitea: The Changing Face of Port Coquitlam

[PDF] Pets: The Changing Face of Port Coquitlam

[PDF] PoCo Place Mall: The Changing Face of Port Coquitlam

[PDF] Storage Facilities: The Changing Face of Port Coquitlam

[PDF] Towers: The Changing Face of Port Coquitlam

PoCo Stories - Events

[PDF] Events - Port Coquitlam Downtown Car Show

[PDF] Events - Port Coquitlam Centennial 2013 (part 1)

[PDF] Events - Port Coquitlam Centennial 2013 (part 2)

[PDF] Events - Greek Day

[PDF] Events - Harvest Festival

[PDF] Events - Hyde Creek Salmon Festival

[PDF] Events - May Day

[PDF] Events - Olympic Torch Run (2010)

[PDF] Events - Heritage at Leigh Square

[PDF] Events - Polish Days, Tri City Polonez

[PDF] Events - Rick Hansen 25th Anniversary

[PDF] Events - Terry Fox Hometown Run

PoCo Stories - People

[PDF] People - Ada Con

[PDF] People - Bea Kelly

[PDF] People - Bev Moulds

[PDF] People - Don Gillespie

[PDF] People - Granny Smith

[PDF] People - Julianna Yung

[PDF] People - Lois McCrady

[PDF] People - Mary Ness

[PDF] People - Samantha Seney


[External] History of Port Coquitlam City Hall

[PDF] Mayors and Council 1913 to 2013

The MayDay Tradition

Enduring Traditions, May Day in Port Coquitlam

Port Coquitlam May Queens, 1923 - 2013

[External] History comes alive in Queen Amelia story

Transportation and Industry

The 3716, Our Train

Putting The Port In Coquitlam - A Brief Foray Into Shipbuilding

The Life and Times Of The CPR Roundhouse

Pittsburgh Of The North

Dominion and Smoky Smith

Capt. Bill Benneck made a life on the waters off PoCo - PoCo Heritage

A Sisterhood Of The Traveling River

War and Sacrifice

War and Sacrifice

See You When I Get Back

A Man For Hard Times

Remembrance Day Vignettes 2012

Where Rivers Meet Rails

Discovery and Beginnings

Westminster Junction, Where it all Began

The Early Years 1911-1913

Port Coquitlam is Born, The Inauguration

Port Coquitlam is Born, An Optimistic Beginning

School Days - The Early Years

Surrounded by Rivers

[PDF] Port Coquitlam History at a Glance

How Port Coquitlam Developed

[PDF] Heritage Resource Inventory Chronology

[External] Port Coquitlam turns 100

Rivers, Rails and Roots (video)

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